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Alphacool Wasser-Filter Plexi (Acrylic)

Product Highlights
  • Material: Plexi
  • Filter: Stainless Steel Mesh
  • G1/4" Thread
  • Dimensions: 24 x 29mm
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The Alphacool water filter made from Plexi is ideal for watercooling systems with micro-structure cooling plates. This filter effectively prevents clogging of the micro-structure inside of the waterblocks. This is becoming more and more important as the fine structures in today's waterblocks can sometimes barely be cleaned by hand. This filter offers multiple advantages: The Plexi casing allows checking if the filter is clogged at a glance. The filter can be disassembled and the filter unit itself can easily be cleaned with e.g. a brush. The filter is designed to barely influence the flow resistance of the whole system as the mesh has an approximately 50% larger surface than the tubing with 8mm inner diameter tubing and approximately 30% larger surface with 10mm inner diameter tubing. Hence this filter is ideal for high-flow systems, as a reduction in diameter is only happening if 50% respectively 30% of the filter are clogged up. This effect becomes especially visible as at the inlet (the conical side) allows view of the water hitting the filter, hence making a reduction of low visible as the jet widens. The inlet is also designed to push the air out not only by the water. Only if the flow is reduced the air will be pushed out, giving a clear sign that it is time to clear the filter.
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Thread TypeG1/4"