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Alphacool Repack Reservoir Rev.2, Dual 5.25" Bay

Product Highlights
  • Stand-Alone Reservoir
  • Material: POM, Plexi, Brass
  • Ports: 2x G1/4" Thread
  • LED Hole: 5mm
  • Dimensions: 91 x 148 x 84mm
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The second version of the Alphacool Repack Dual Bayres 5,25" is now available! Based on the development of the Alphacool Repack Dual 5.25 Bay Station, this Bay reservoir also brings its advantages to the table: Easy mounting, compact dimensions and appealing design! All of these features and many more are implemented in the Alphacool Repack Single Bayres. But Alphacool would not be Alphacool, if this new product would not also have some extremely interesting new features, which were not available until now! The Alphacool Repack Dual Bayres 5,25" - Rev.2 is designed for installation in the front of an enclosure. Two vacant 5.25” drive bays are needed. By default, the connection of in- and Outlet can be achieved via ¼” threaded openings. Additionally Alphacool offers the possibility to use 3/8” threads for reduced flow resistance. Of course all four openings can also be used parallel, e.g. to allow installation of a second cooling loop.
More Information
Titan Rig SKU03-40-AC-0116-01-ON
LightingRequires LED Add-On
Number of G 1/4" Ports4