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Aquacomputer Airplex Modularity System 360mm, Aluminum Fins , Two Circuits, Stainless Steel

Product Highlights
  • The Airplex Modularity system is a fully modular radiator system for water cooling systems.
  • Tested for pressures of up to 0,8 bar
  • Fully modular system
  • Fins optimized for low fan speeds and excellent passive cooling performance
  • The system is based on a fin package with aluminum fins and a potential two circuit loop.
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The Airplex Modularity system is a fully modular radiator system for water cooling systems.

The system is based on a fin package with 21 copper tubes and pressed-on stainless steel flanges. On both sides of the fin package Delrin terminals are integrated. These terminals create a safe seal with the stainless steel flanges with a gasket ring and are screwed together. The Delrin terminals have integrated connection terminals which are lowered from the surface and have a round spacing above the thread. This spacing allows a connection adaptor to be pushed in two connect two radiator modules directly without any tubing pieces. The orientation of the radiator to each other determines the flow direction of the coolant: When connected side by side the connected radiators are connected serially, horizontally stacked radiators create a parallel flow set-up.
Additionally the system can also grow in length indefinitely. For this the fin packages are connected via optional Delrin connection modules.

Radiators in all lengths use the same Delrin Terminals, only the side panels and fin packages are different, hence by buying the components, a radiator can be rebuilt and modified. All sizes have a width of 146mm and hence fit perfetly into 5.25". The height of the radiator in standard configuration (without the pump module) is 63.5mm and the length is 44mm longer than the according fan.The connection threads are G1/4" in size and all 1/4" fittings from our shop can be used with the system.

By equipping the system with an optional pump module an extremely compact and easy to handle water cooling system can be realized. Mounting of a flow sensor and filter is easily possible and can be done quickly and hassle-free.

Extent of delivery:
Oneradiator, assembled and ready to use

More Information
Titan Rig SKU03-30-AR-0115-01-ON
Is On Sale productNo
Number of G 1/4" Ports8
Radiator Size360 (120mm Fan x 3)
Radiator Thickness60mm