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PC air cooling components use heat transfer through a medium like copper or aluminum to move heat from a PC component to the surrounding air, where it can be removed with exhaust fans. Typically, air cooling solutions are mounted directly to the heat source. The base of the cooler is made of a thermally conductive material, which allows the heat to move from the load into the cooler. The simplest forms of air cooler stop at that point, allowing ambient air to cool them, allowing them to draw more heat from the heat load. This process works well for smaller heat loads like chipsets and memory. More complex solutions are needed for heavier heat loads like CPUs and GPUs. In these air coolers, additional parts are needed to help with both heat transfer and dissipation. These can include heat pipes, flat fins to increase surface area in the surrounding air, and dedicated fans to provide focused and constant air flow. TITAN RIG carries PC air cooling parts for a wide variety of applications and is sure to have what you need.

Air Cooling