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The coolant used in PC water cooling carries heat from your water blocks to the water cooling radiator. That heat is then dissipated outside of your PC case with the help of your case fans. PC coolants are specially designed for water cooling a PC. They include a blend of additives including corrosion inhibitors and bacterial inhibitors that keep your water blocks and radiators clean and functioning at their best. Most all premixed and concentrated coolants include a blend of pc coolant additives. When making your own coolant from distilled or deionized water, you must add these additives to prevent bacterial growth and corrosion. PC coolants come in a wide range of colors and styles to match the aesthetic of your custom water cooled PC. Some things to consider when deciding on the PC coolant for your custom loop include color, UV reactivity and included inhibitors. Along with PC coolants of all colors and types, TITAN RIG carries coolant additives, filling aids and dyes to mix your own colors for your custom water cooled PC.

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