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All-in-One CPU coolers, also known as AIO CPU coolers, are self-contained liquid cooling systems designed specifically to water cool your CPU. They contain a water block, pump and radiator and mounting hardware specific to your socket type. AIO CPU coolers offer advantages over both air cooling and traditional custom water loops. They offer better cooling capacity than typical air cooling and the silence often sought by the custom water cooler. They’re more economical than a traditional DIY custom water cooling loop and far easier to install and maintain. While most AIO CPU coolers are sealed from the factory, a few offer expandability with reservoirs and standard G1/4” fittings. Whether you’re wanting to get started in liquid cooling or just want an easy way to cool your CPU more efficiently than is possible with typical air cooling, an All-in-One CPU cooler from TITAN RIG can help.

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AIO CPU Coolers

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