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MDPC-X Cable-Sleeves Grey Samples

Product Highlights
  • Sample pack of different shades of grey color MDPC-X cable sleeve
  • Includes 1 piece of Blackest-Black, Shade-19, Titanium-Grey, Platinum-Grey, Haze-Grey, and Carbon-BTI
  • Each piece is at least 45cm
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Each cable sleeve in this grey sample pack has a length of at least 45 centimeters (~1.6 foot).
This sample pack includes a random mixture of SMALL or XTC cable sleeves plus one sample of MEDIUM sleeve.

Included in this GREY cable sleeving sample pack:

Blackest-Black = 1 piece
Shade-19 = 1 piece
Titanium-Grey = 1 piece
Platinum-Grey = 1 piece
Haze-Grey = 1 piece
Carbon-BTI = 1 piece

White-Carbon (UV!) (included in this sample pack and your orders since 7th March 2019) = 1 piece
Advice on color identification: From darkest to lightest shade -> Blackest-Black > Shade-19 > Titanium-Grey > Platinum-Grey > Haze-Grey.

We recommend to use SMALL heatshrinks for SMALL and XTC to hold the cable sleeve in place when fully stretched lengthwise, no matter if "shrinkless" or with heatshrink. For MEDIUM sized cable sleeves, we recommend using MEDIUM heatshrinks. No matter which size of cable sleeves and heatshrinks, you can use the regular shrinking method or the "heatshrink-less" melting technique. Guides to both techniques are found inside the description of the main heatshrink category

A full description of the general properties, features and advantages of MDPC cable sleeve, you find in the CABLE SLEEVING category description.

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