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CaseLabs was a manufacturer of unique high-end cases based out of Canoga Park, California in the USA.  A subsidiary of California Fabrication Company founded in 1971, CaseLabs began as a hardware vendor on in 2011 and launched their web store later that year. 

A small family-owned business, CaseLabs was known throughout the enthusiast community for their unique and rugged PC cases.  Offering several different models in their product lineup, CaseLabs also distinguished themselves by offering customization on a per-order basis, including custom powder coating services. 

CaseLabs focused their efforts in case design on ease of use and modularity. Their initial offering, the Magnum M8, was lauded for being different than other cases on the market and garnered excellent reviews from every tech site that was lucky enough to get their hands on it. 

The innovation that CaseLabs presented to the industry continued to show in their later products, and made the brand a common name among the enthusiast crowd.    

In 2018 CaseLabs made a public announcement that they were ceasing operations due to tariffs and the default of a major account holder.  Their product is still sought after today, with examples selling on the used market for many times their original price.


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