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pc modding

  1. PC Modding - Tools of the Trade

    PC Modding - Tools of the Trade
    A listing of the tools needed to start in the hobby of PC modding. Tools from basic to advanced are covered - what do you need?
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  2. Featured Rig #4 - "Ex-Box One S PC" by Aaron Howe

    Featured Rig water cooled pc #4
    An up-close look at a custom-build water-cooled PC made from an Xbox One S console. This compact beauty is a tiny jewel!
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  3. Featured Rig #3 - "Cherry Blossoms & Northern Lights" by Lawrence Xia

    TITAN RIG featured liquid cooled pc
    We take a closer look at a custom water cooled PC from Lawrence Xia. Water cooling, custom cable sleeving, RGB lighting, custom paint - this build has it all!
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  4. Featured Rig #2 - "Evolution" by Herman Quinones

    featured liquid cooled pc
    An in-depth look at "Evolution", a massive water cooled custom PC from Herman Quinones.
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  5. Featured Rig #1 - "Luxe" by Mikey Johnstone

    "Luxe" by Mikey Johnstone - Featured liquid cooled rig

    We take a look at Luxe, an excellent custom water-cooled PC from Mikey Johnstone.

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  6. The History of PC Modding

    A history of PC modding, from overclocking to the amazing modding of tomorrow.
    A brief history of PC modding, from the first air flow mods through sleeved cables, RGB and beyond.
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