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Bitspower came into being in 2001 in Changhua County on the west coast of Taiwan. Starting out with a few employees, the company focused initially on producing industrial cooling equipment. In 2005 we shifted our sights specifically to water cooling for performance computers. We saw that there was a huge, passionate community of enthusiasts, but only a small handful of companies providing for this community. Bitspower now offers a wide range of PC water cooling water blocks, fittings, radiators, reservoirs, tubing and more!

We do not think of ourselves as a company that simply supplies products - we are a part of a community of people that are passionate about their craft. We are always open to hearing from our customers about what they want, and we do our best to incorporate this into our plans moving forward.

If any Bitspower product fails to live up to the highest levels of quality and workmanship, we will make it right. Our commitment is, first and foremost, to providing the modding community with products that allow them to realize the awesome, creative ideas they have in their heads. 

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  1. Bitspower G1/4" Stop Fitting V2
    Bitspower G1/4" Stop Fitting V2
    As low as $2.35 Regular Price $3.99
  2. Bitspower Multi-F Block Fitting
    Bitspower Multi-F Block Fitting
    As low as $11.65 Regular Price $16.49
  3. Bitspower G1/4" Mini Valve
    Bitspower G1/4" Mini Valve
    As low as $21.65 Regular Price $30.99
  4. Bitspower D5/MCP655 Mod Kit
    Bitspower D5/MCP655 Mod Kit
    As low as $38.85 Regular Price $50.99