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be quiet!

be quiet! is a premium brand of CPU air coolers, PC case fans, power supplies and PC cases for desktop PCs, and has earned a legendary reputation for quiet operation and first-class performance. This is thanks to their passion for quality, precision, and attention to detail which they put into every be quite! product. be quiet! continues to be a leader in product conception, design, and quality control from their headquarters in Glinde, Germany.

Without a doubt, the innovative be quite! case fans are an essential factor in minimizing all noise levels of items in their product portfolio. Specially developed Silent Wings and other be quiet! case fans are used throughout all product ranges. They are equipped with a variety of noise-reducing features, such as special bearings, smooth operation motors, optimized airflow, and vibration decoupling. Thanks to these Silent Wings case fans, be quiet! products achieve a perfect balance of ideal cooling performance and virtually inaudible operation.

Customers of be quiet! products are guaranteed to receive proven premium quality, and the typically silent “be quiet!” operation.


be quiet!

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