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barrow-aurora-led-quartz-glass-lighting-for-205mm-reservoir-v2-0420ba012101on barrow-aurora-led-quartz-glass-lighting-for-205mm-reservoir-v2-0420ba012101on (Alt1 Image) barrow-aurora-led-quartz-glass-lighting-for-205mm-reservoir-v2-0420ba012101on (Alt2 Image)

Barrow Aurora LED Quartz Glass Lighting for 205mm Reservoir V2

Product Highlights
  • Illuminated stop fitting for a reservoir with a quartz glass LeD array
  • Over 300 different colors and lighting effects
  • Gives your water-cooled PC a true custom look
  • A RGB controller is required and is not included
  • 205mm long
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The Barrow Reservoir Stop Fitting with 205mm Long Quartz Frosted Glass LED Array can provide a beautiful light rendering effect inside a reservoir. It is very easy to install as it only needs to screw in the reservoir from the top or bottom. 

The Aurora LED full-color lighting has more than 300 dynamic and static lighting effects, such as aurora rainbow, flashing, chasing, jumping, clockwise horse racing, counterclockwise horse racing, monochrome horse racing, color changing horse , single chase, water, lightning, etc...

The component is made of quartz glass tube. The thermal expansion coefficient of quartz glass is small, 5.5×10-7/°C, only 1/12?1/20 of ordinary glass. The test standard of qualified products is the rapid rate after heating to 1200°C before being dipped into cold water. This is repeated three times or more and is not allowed to burst. It can easily cope with the highest temperature and temperature difference in the water cooling system. A built-in two-way sealing rubber ring provides the highest level of safety protection.

The LED illumination angle is 120 degress. After the user tightens the fitting, the angle of the LED circuit board can be manually rotated to achieve a good illumination effect.

This product comes standard with no controller. If you need a controller, please purchase it separately.

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