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Alphacool NexXxos XT45 Full Copper X-Flow Radiator, 280mm, Dual Fan, Black

Product Highlights
  • Black exterior Color
  • Ports: 4x G1/4" Thread
  • Material: steel side panels, brass threads, copper chambers, copper fins, copper channels
  • Fins Per Inch: 16
  • Dimensions: 334 x 144 x 45mm
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Alphacool has been a trendsetter on the scene for developing and improving radiators for years. That's why these models are among the first radiators to really earn the descriptor "full copper"! All the main elements, not just the fins and channels, but also the channel heads are made of copper. Material-wise, this is a big advantage, and one where other radiators fall by the wayside. The Alphacool NexXxoS X-Flow radiators set themselves apart significantly from conventional radiators in their construction. The X-Flow radiators are built for high flow rates. The slanted copper chambers on either side are built identically. This means the water can flow through all the channels at the same time until it flows into the opposite chamber and leaves the radiator. Freedom in the installation is one of the central points on which Alphacool's development department focused. Fewer angles are needed, which increases the flow rate and offers more options in the installation. The installation of the radiators, as well as the fans and radiator faceplates, is easy to do with this series: the M3 threads are standard in the radiator sector, affordable and available in all lengths. Even the dreaded mishap of turning the screws in too deeply won't lead to costly damage with this radiator: an inner protective edge stops the screw before it can come into contact with the fins. The fin spacing was chosen so that the radiator could reach its optimal cooling performance even with slow or medium-speed fans. This is not only comfortable in terms of background noise, but also puts no constraints on the choice of fans.
More Information
Titan Rig SKU03-30-AC-0156-01-ON
Number of G 1/4" Ports6
Radiator Size280 (140mm Fan x 2)
Radiator Thickness45mm
Fins Per Inch (FPI)16
Product SeriesNexXxos
Promo Express Shipping EligibleYes
Free Ground Shipping EligibleYes
Enterprise ReadyYes

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