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Alphacool HardTube Bending Kit Basic

Product Highlights
  • Contains the most important tools needed for bending Hard Tubes
  • Designed for 13mm and 16mm tubing
  • Includes pit saw and bending inserts
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The Alphacool HardTube Bending Kit Basic is a versatile tool set for all those who want to equip their PC with Hardtubes. The Hardtube Basic Kit contains the most important tools needed for bending HardTubes.

Alphacool Acrylic Tubing Pipe Reamer (article 29115)
The Alphacool deburring tool has three sharp edges, with steel blades to deburr cut HardTube from the inside and remove rough sections. On the other side of the tool are the steel blades to deburr the cut outside edge of the HardTube. Making a perfect seal with your connectors.

Alphacool Eiskoffer HardTube saw tool (article 29134)
With this mitre box, cutting HardTubes is a cinch. Its special rubberised channels for 13mm and 16mm HardTubes prevent the tubes from sliding around and getting scratched. The mitre box can be anchored with two small screw clamps.

Alphacool Acrylic Double Bending Tool 12/14/16mm (article 29124)
Alphacool now has a bending tool for different sizes, which makes laying and bending HardTubes super easy! HardTubes with a thickness of 12-14 mm as well as 16mm are all no problem. Curves of up to 180° bend neatly and easily. With the red rubber measurement guide, you can set the size of the straight section of tubing in centimeters.

Alphacool pit saw for Acryl/PETG tubes (article 29125)
The Alphacool pit saw for acryl/PETG tubes is no ordinary saw from the hardware store. Its special saw blade with fine teeth makes it perfectly suited for cutting acryl/PETG tubes. This saw blade eliminates the usual problems. Even when first placed against the tube, the teeth cut through the acryl so smoothly that there is no slipping around. Any breaking or ripping of the tube at the last few cuts is also eliminated, thanks to the fine saw teeth. It’s a familiar problem: you want to make a straight cut with the saw, but because of the thin saw blade, every cut you make gets a little more crooked?! Not an issue here. This saw blade is just thick enough not to tilt, but still thin enough to get a precise cut. With Alphacool’s pit saw, every cut is neat and straight, down to the last pull.

Alphacool Silicon Bending Insert 100cm with 10mm & 13mm diameter (article 29117 & 29126)
For perfect bends in the Alphacool HardTubes now there is the perfect solution. Simply insert the silicone inside the HardTube and heat the desired location. Thanks to the extremely heat-resistant silicone the pipe can be bent without the curved point kinking. After cooling, the silicone can be easily removed.

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